On Camera Training

Are you a sound bite machine? Or is your message forever changing? Do you feel comfortable ad-libbing or do you get nervous when you are asked to speak off the cuff. At The Media Coaches, we are skilled at being in front of the camera and we are excited teach you how to be just as comfortable while presenting your message.

Through the use of various media methods, we will coach you to become a confident and effective on-air host or presenter. GET STARTED TODAY We will ensure that you are able to handle any and all on-air situations ranging from
surprise questions to ad-libbing to maintaining your composure and being at ease during any and all types of interviews.

When you are trained by The Media Coaches, we make sure that your entire brand is consistent and always represents the message you are trying to convey. We not only focus on how you present on-camera, but how you look and how your media appearances translate into dollars.

You will learn how to create “sound bites” that get your message across and keep you consistent in all media platforms. A sound bite is a talking point that is essential to your brand. Sound bites will bring you the business you are looking for and will keep you on point no matter the question or the platform.

Finally, if you are not comfortable on camera, our experts have the skills the make sure you are never nervous when the On-Air light goes on. You will be prepared for questions you have not rehearsed and you will be ready to take your brand and your business to the next level.

If you would like to find out more about On-Camera Training with The Media Coaches, GET STARTED TODAY.