Demo Reels

It is important for the media to make sure you’re a good speaker and an interesting guest.  This is where you are going to need a professional Demo Reel as well as proof that you have the skills to get booked and stay booked on national shows.  You can train with the media coaches prior to taping or editing your new demo reel.

Remember, producers and the media want to make sure you are a good speaker as well as an interesting guest.

It is essential to have a professional demo reel and the necessary interview skills to get books on National/Local and Syndicated show.

The Media Coaches Will Teach You:

  • Professional skills needed prior to taping the actual real
  • How to develop soundbites, standups and scripts
  • How to promote your tape
  • On the scene coaching during the taping of your demo reel
  • Digital and hard copies of your reel for use