PR 365…Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By: PR 365

Lately, I’ve been speaking with a lot of individuals who are contemplating leaving a stable job so they could launch an entrepreneurial venture they’ve always dreamed of pursuing. While the prospect of doing what you love is exciting, before you utter the words “I quit,” you really need to think long and hard about how you are going to earn a living.

My advice to people who want to go off on their own is to straddle both worlds for a while. There is nothing wrong with moonlighting if you’re able to get your day job completed in a timely fashion. While you would love to devote 100% of your time to your passion, you may have a family to support, bills to pay, a mortgage, car payment, you get my drift. The prospect of entrepreneurialism gives you a sense of freedom but at the same time, you must be prepared to work longer hours than you’ve ever worked in your life.

Every entrepreneur I know has war stories and battle scars to share. They’ve had experiences where their concept may have failed miserably or the product they developed may have fallen on its face when it hit store shelves. But the one thing that sets these people apart from those who are complacent at a stable job is that no matter how many times they fail, they brush themselves off and start all over again.

In light of these tough economic times, my advice to dreamers with solid corporate jobs is to stay put while carving out time to do what you love. I truly believe the one foot in, one foot out method is ideal when you’re contemplating going off on your own. Sure if you were single, without kids, or a mortgage to pay, things would be easier, but now that you do have all these obligations, you owe it to yourself and your family to put a solid plan together and map out how you will achieve your goals without having to give up your paycheck.

When I was growing up, I remember my parents worked 3-4 jobs at a time so that they could pay for our vacations, college tuition, my wedding and much more. That’s the mindset we all should have these days. Always make time for the things you love and even if it doesn’t prove to be a financial boon for you, it’s important to keep those passions in your life even when you may feel like you have no time to do it.

So stop thinking that the grass is always greener. Trust me, it isn’t. The life of an entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride filled with highs, lows, thrills and angst. Instead, rather than convincing yourself you’d be better off on your own, think twice about leaving and start thinking of ways you could potentially change your job so that it becomes more fulfilling to you. Nobody every gets what they want without asking for it – so devise a plan where you can create the ultimate career without ever having to leave your job.

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