PR 365: Preventing Social Media Entitlement Syndrome

PR 365: Preventing Social Media Entitlement Syndrome

By: PR 365

After cruising through Twitter this morning, I happened upon Joey Fortman’s blog who discovered a great article about SMES – Social Media Entitlement Syndrome – a case by which an individual who lives a great deal of their life online, believes they are entitled to attend VIP events, receive tons of swag, and get an all access pass into the lives of real life influential individuals just because they have a multitude of Twitter followers or Facebook fans.

Once I read Joey’s post, I then clicked over to Lalawag for the full article and have to say, it is so on the money! Especially the part about social climbers who consistently use other people who have influential connections in real life for their own personal gain.

As someone who has been taken advantage of by social climbers, I have to say that I am now a lot more guarded with my professional contacts and personal connections. I have built strong relationships over the years through professionalism and trust and that does not give a social climber the right to have access to these individuals just because they’ve friended me on Facebook. Earn my trust and respect first and then I may share a contact or two. But if you continually ask me for my contacts without truly wanting to have anything to do with me, then sorry social climber, you’re going to have to DM or FB someone else.

Have you been taken advantage of by a person suffering from SEMS? Inquiring moms want to know? And want to order the book above? Then visit Amazon to pick up a copy of I See Rude People: One woman’s battle to beat some manners into impolite society.