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Brand development helps you discover what your brand is really all about.  And how to make sure you stand out in your area of expertise.  Are you a fashion designer, a lifestyle expert, a career coach or a financial guru.

How do you get your message across? Who is your audience? Whether you are promoting a business or trying to carve out a unique niche in your industry or selling a product, you need to brand yourself across all media platforms. GET STARTED TODAY

On Camera Training

Are you a sound bite machine? Or is your message forever changing? Do you feel comfortable ad-libbing or do you get nervous when you are asked to speak off the cuff. At The Media Coaches, we are skilled at being in front of the camera and we are excited teach you how to be just as comfortable while presenting your message.

Through the use of various media methods, we will coach you to become a confident and effective on-air host or presenter. GET STARTED TODAY

Media Training

Clients are coached on various aspects of presentation including developing the material, organizing it and proper delivery.  We coach you to become that “go to” person who television networks want to put on the air-whether it be for “breaking news,” daily business, entertainment or fashion trends.  If you are an aspiring TV journalist or ready to move up in market-size, The Media Coaches will provide you with the tools to help you get noticed.  If you would like more information on our Media Training, GET STARTED TODAY.